Traveling to Istanbul, Turkey is very popular among Iranians, and as you know, buying a tour is the most economical way to travel to Istanbul. Compare the hotel separately with buying a tour. Travelers, especially those who travel to Istanbul for the first time or it has been a long time since their trip to Turkey, face problems in choosing the right tour and it takes a lot of time for them to Buy the best tour or find the best tour provider and live performers and in

Finally, there is no guarantee that they have made a good choice or not.

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Why should we buy the Istanbul tour as a package and not provide the services separately?

Istanbul tour and travel tours in general,( all foreign tours and most domestic tours) can be prepared in several ways, which include:

Visiting travel agency offices all over the country.

Disadvantages of being time-consuming and limiting the number of tours for each agency.There is a high probability that the desired tour will not be available.

Advantages: Today with the advancement of technology, this is not an advantage, and agencies that offer their services online certainly have a higher credit.

Visit the website or social networks of travel agencies and shop online.

Disadvantages of each agency’s: limited tours and destinations.


The advantage of the agencies’ efforts to satisfy each traveler by creating a competitive advantage, the availability of a list of various tours and the absence of restrictions on the online shopping process + telephone communication with the agencies if the traveler needs, creating a competitive environment between the agencies and providing better prices for tours to The traveler has all the information online and it is easy to find the desired tour, the possibility of searching for tours based on the price without the need to have a travel guide and the possibility of knowing more about the destination while finding the tour.

Average market price for Istanbul tour

The existence of a sales site is the strength of tourism agencies

As we mentioned, the se…


Sightseeing places in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque, which was the church of the Eastern Roman Empire for a thousand years, is located in the European part of Istanbul.
It is considered one of the magnificent mosques of Istanbul and it is also considered among the popular places of Istanbul for tourists.



مسجد ایاصوفیا


Sultan Ahmed Mosque

This mosque is considered one of the magnificent buildings of Istanbul, which is also decorated with blue tiles, and for this reason, it is called the Blue Mosque. This mosque is located near the Hagia Sophia Mosque and you can visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque from this place as well.

Festival of colors in Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, with its interwoven corridors and full of colors, attracts a large number of travelers every year. Visit this market for handicrafts and Turkish products.If you are going to buy a suvinior, it’s better spend more time to find goods with suitable prices.

Rostam Pasha Mosque is a mosque with carnation flowers

This unique mosque was built by Rostam Pasha’s order.
It is considered the ar…

مسجد رستم پاشا مسجدی با گل های میخک


The pleasure of walking in the pleasant commotion of Taksim Square and Esteghlal Street

Esteghlal Street and Taksim Square in Istanbul are both permanent names for all visitors to Istanbul, and these historic streets are full of cafes, restaurants, small and large stores, and many galleries that provide a sense of energy and inspire you to be active.


The best time to travel to Istanbul

The time of your trip to Istanbul depends on your taste and the purpose of your trip. If you are looking for a good season and weather to shop in Turkey and use the auctions and outlets of Istanbul stores, summer will definitely be the most suitable season to travel to Istanbul. But if you are interested in sightseeing in cold weather, I definitely recommend you to visit Istanbul in winter.
We will recommend Fars yekta Tourism Agency to you dear ones is traveling to Istanbul in spring or April.Because in this months Istanbul prepares for festivals and fun programs

The cost of traveling to Istanbul

The costs of Istanbul are also completely tasteful and if you are looking for shopping and sightseeing in Turkish markets, you will definitely have to pay a higher price. We suggest that you contact the experts of Fars Yekta Tourism Agency to book a cheap tour of Turkey and Istanbul. And become know about our amazing and surprising offers.