Turkey is a country in Iran’s neighborhood with a pleasant climate, spectacular views, a collection of different stores and delicious food that attracts thousands of Iranians every year. On the other hand, Turkey’s tour is one of the most popular and best-selling tours in tourism agencies. We suggest you to read the guide that we have compiled for you to the end before buying a Turkey’s tour, and to get more information, please contact Fars Yekta tourism experts.

The best tourist’s cities in Turkey, Istanbul

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, which has a very high economic aspect, is located in the Eurasian region, between Asia and Europe. Istanbul is actually the most populated city in Turkey, and by walking in the streets of this city, especially around the square the sense of life and activity will be injected into you. Also, Istanbul has many recreational and historical places it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The existence of many mosques in different parts of the city and on the other hand unique shopping malls are among the attractions of this city, and this has caused a large number of hotels to be seen in different parts of this city. We suggest you before buying a Turkey’s tour being contact to the experts of the Fars tourim agency


A trip to Antalya is usually recommended to people who are looking for a suitable destination to relax or enjoy beach activities and walk in nature. Due to the fact that Antalya is a tourist city and there are many visitors in different seasons of the year, during most of the official holidays, shopping and entertainment centers are open and ready to receive guests. The area of ​​this city is 1,417 square kilometers, and the currency of this city is lira, and the time interval of Antalya city is one and a half hours behind the time of Iran.

Antalya with luxury hotels and the best services and facilities, shopping centers and various stores from the world’s top brands and luxury restaurants in Antalya that are very glamorous with delicious food, sandy beaches with azure blue suitable for beach recreation and water sports and pleasure Taking it in the sun. Lara Beach, where you can rent a scooter and enjoy it by riding by the sea. In Konialti Beach, there is an exciting water park full of water toys and equipment that you can go with children, or Falcis and Chirali Beach. …… each of them are located in different areas of this city and are one of the eye-catching beauties of this city. Antalya tour is more famous for its luxury hotels and five-star facilities, which usually include all meals a





Izmir is not only a tourist city, but also is a considered as an immigrant-friendly city in Turkey. We can talk about the beauty of this city from viwe of many tourists who come to this city for traveling are so attracted by the calmness of the weather and nature of Izmir they like to choose this city as their permanent place of life. About Izmir, we must say that the culture of this city is completely different from other cities in Turkey. Izmir is more calm than Istanbul. Maybe you can say that their culture is similar to European cities.
There are olive groves and pine forests in Izmir. The Mediterranean climate has caused Izmir to have hot and dry summers, mild and rainy winters. You will rarely encounter extreme hot or cold weather in this city.…





This city is one of the destinations that has recently become known among tourists and it is very popular, especially Iranian tourists will have the opportunity to visit an attractive coastal city at an affordable cost. By traveling to Kusadasi, you can visit the spectacular wharf of this city
Spend relaxing hours watching the sunrise and sunset, and the safari of this city is one of its recreational attractions that many tourists are interested in experiencing. The National Park is one of the places that you should not miss visiting, and the water park of this city will bring you an exciting and memorable recreation.


کوش آداسی


The best time to travel to Turkey

If you are going to Turkey for rest and beach recreation, the summer is considered the best time for this. These days are the peak of Turkey’s tourism year, and as a result, a large number of tourists go to this country, so the cost of travel ranges from the price of plane tickets to The hotel increases significantly. If you want to experience a cheaper trip,a good season for you is a low tourist season such as winter
Before buying a tour to Istanbul, be sure to know more about Turkey’s official holidays; Because many markets and tourist centers are closed on public holidays. Also, the time of holding attractive festivals in Turkey, which include cultural, sports, artistic events, etc, is considered a good opportunity to t…


Reducing the cost of traveling to Turkey with some practical tricks !

  •  using the Istanbul card

If your destination is the city of Istanbul, as soon as you reach the city, get an Istanbul card. With this card, you can charge it for 10 liras and you can easily board the bus, metro, or tram ، ship, telecabin and various city services.

  • Preparing food in restaurants and stalls all over the city

The food taste of our Turkish neighbors is somewhat similar to ours, and you will surely fall in love with the flavors of this country. The جtourist cities of Turkey have many luxurious restaurants. To control the cost of traveling to Turkey, it is better not to search for expensive restaurants

Spend your meals in stalls or chain restaurants. We recommend that you think about food before you get hungry.

More correctly, have a regular meal in the tourist’s towns is about 15 to 30 liras.

Choosing cheap hotels to stay in Turkey

Alltogether, traveling to Turkey with a tour has a lower price for you. But if you plan to book the ticket and hotel separately, to reduce the cost, go for 3-star hotels and less. The standards of hotels in this country are
different from ours and you should not expect from a 3-star hotel in Turkey which

Have a luxury room, but if you are not too strict

These same hotels or even booking your hostel for a night’s rest starts it makes your work easy.

Have a suitable schedule for your trip

It is better to write down your daily activities and excursions in advance. In this way, you will know your daily schedule and you can check the cost of the touristic places in Turkey in advance. So that if the entrance is too expensive, you don’t have to spend time going there. Of course, we remind you that having fun in Turkey has nothing to do with high costs. You can have the best moments in the neighborhoods, walking among the colorful shops or even having a cup of tea with baklava next to the wharf.