Why travel to Dubai? What are the benefits of Dubai visa? What are the conditions for obtaining a Dubai visa? These are all questions will answer in this article.
Dubai is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the south of Iran, around the Persian Gulf and on the Arabian Peninsula. The official language of the people and residents of Dubai is Arabic, and their currency is the dirham. Every year, many job seekers from abroad come to Dubai to find new job opportunities and study or enjoy their tourist’s trip.

Types of Dubai visa

Dubai visa are issued in two ways, normal and emergency, and except for official holidays of the UAE, the standard for calculating days is one day after sending the documents. Dubai visa is valid for 2 months from the time of issuing. It takes 3 working days to receive.

For urgent visa, this time is reduced to 1-2 days

1Dubai tourist visa Dubai tourist visa which is in the form of UAE electronic visa is issued for and usually to

A group booking is made; also the possibility of receiving it in single face.

2Dubai study visa for those people who intend to study in
Dubai, they should apply for a study visa

3Dubai work’s visa is issued to people who have a job offer in Dubai and desired by their employer.
They need to get permission from the UAE Ministry of Labor.
4Emirates transit visa(Dubai airport visa ):for people who are required to pass through the UAE to reach another destination.

They should get a transit visa.

5Dubai business visa :for businessmen, CEOs of companies and Business owners


اخذ ویزای دبی

Types of Dubai tourist’s visa

Types of Dubai tourist’s visa

The cost of Dubai tourist’s visa is different in the number of possible days of stay.

Note that if the holder of visa stays for more than 10 days, unauthorized for each additional day of stay.
Must pay 100AED(United Arab Emirates Dirham) upon departure.

1. Normal tourist visa :With a normal tourist visa, you can go to stay in Dubai for 2 weeks.

2.One-month tourist visa: by obtaining a 1-month Yadabi visa you can stay in Dubai from 1 to 30 days.
3.One-month tourist visa, how many times of entry: by obtaining this type of Dubai visa, you can enter as many times as you like during a month.
4.Three-month tourist visa: by obtaining this type of visa you can stay in Dubai from 1 to 90 days.

5. Three-month tourist visa multiple entries: by obtaining this type of visa you can as many times as you want travelling to Dubai during a month.

Essential documents to obtain a Dubai visa

The image of the first page of the passport

National card image

Birth certificate(lD Card) image

3×4 color’s photo that you recently took for your passport

White background, completely from the front and without retouching, special travel insurance policy (to cover the costs of treating people with Corona)

.The negative answer of the corona test by PCR method that was taken 24 to 48 hours before the flight

Conditions to obtain Dubai visa

The general conditions for obtaining a visa for the emirate are as follows. If you have any questions about obtaining a Dubai visa, contact with Fars Yekta experts.
1.If from any airport other than Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and….. enter UAE, you must obtain the application form of UAE visa and inform the visa’s officer about this issue. 2.Considering that the Dubai tourist visa is valid for 14 days, if you stay there for any reason more than 14 days you will be fined.

3. Having a UAE travel insurance policy is nessesary for Dubai visa applicants,( this insurance policy must be issued by the UAE and be issued by accredited Dubai visa’s brokers).

6 Issuance of Dubai visa for men who have been single for 50 years has become resumed. According to this announcement, gentlemen can get a visa and travel to Dubai as before.

5 Under no circumstances,
girls under 18 years can’t
.Apply for a Dubai visa individually

.6Men under 18 years to receive UAE visa as individuals are required to present their parents’ ID cards

اخذ ویزای دبی

Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

In the recent past, the probability of the UAE visa being rejected by this country was very low, and in cases where the traveler had a violation, the visa was rejected, but now the UAE is more strict in issuing visas to Iranians, and the probability of visa rejection is high.It is because of the relationship between the two countries, the reasons that may cause reject and the rejection of a passenger visa application includes:

1. Having a passenger violation such as staying longer than the validity period of the visa in the past.

2. Being on the list of passengers prohibited from entering the UAE. 3.Visa application for single men under 50 years of age it has a high probability of rejection.

Advice to get a Dubai visa

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