Traveling to Canada to explore this vast and beautiful country will definitely have attractions that will excite you, but you should keep in mind that you have a set a plan for traveling to Canada so that you don’t waste time and also save your money. For example, the travel time to Canada and the selection of Canadian cities to visit are very important things that you must consider in order to avoid confusion during your trip. In addition, you can contact Fars Yekta tourism consultants for advice on traveling to Canada.

Planning a trip to Canada

The steps to travel to Canada will include the following respectively

Select cities of Canada to visit.
Choose a particular month of the year to travel to Canada.

Determine your desired budget for staying in Canada.

To obtain a tourist visa and complete the necessary documents take action to include travel insurance, vaccination documents for Kovid-19 and…
Reserve your place of residence, which includes a hotel, hostel or rented house

– Book Canada tourism tours and flights to Canada.

Transport and visa information

The most common way to get to Canada is by air. There are big airports in this country that receive millions of tourists every year. The busiest airport in Canada is Pearson International Airport in Toronto. After that Vancouver International Airports and Montreal is next.Various Canadian airlines offer flight services, including Air Canada, WestJet, and international airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM, TAP, and British Airways. The most important thing when traveling to Canada is to book your flight in advance because some tickets may be booked in advance during busy periods or during the travel season.

Please contact Fars Yekta experts to book the Canada’s ticket.

Obtaining a Canada’s tourist visa

Before traveling to Canada, you must apply for a visa by visiting the embassy of Canada in your country. Visa processing and issuance may take some time, so send the application as soon as possible to receive your visa before starting your trip. It is necessary to know that the embassy of Canada does not operate in Iran and to obtain visa of Canada should go to Turkey.
When applying for a visa, you must provide certain information such as your name, date of birth, passport number and place of residence. On the other hand, it is necessary to explain the reason for traveling to Canada, which can include
Education or tourism business.
In addition to the items mentioned above, other documents will also be received from you, which will include financial information, employment records, financial resources and travel’s plans. Don’t forget to apply for travel insurance, obtain a Canadian visa,is specialty of Fars yekta Tourism Agency.For more arrangements, stay in touch with our experts.


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Budget of plan to travel to Canada

Canada is a great destination for those looking to experience unique landscapes and visit beautiful natural attractions. If you are from the United States of America, it may be not expensive for you to travel to Canada, but usually those who travel to Canada from European, Asian or African’s countries travel is so expensive for them.
For this reason, it is necessary to consider a budget for traveling to Canada and stick to it. On the other hand, there are many affordable accommodation options and restaurants that you can choose.
The cost of accommodation, transportation and food on the trip to Canada according to changes in 2022, it is as follows.


Single bus ticket 2.75 Canadian dollars, daily bus ticket 7.50 Canadian dollars,
car rental 25 Canadian dollars per day.


Hostels start from 40 Canadian dollars, for example, start from 70 Canadian dollars, hotels start from 120 Canadian dollars.


Coffee $4 Canada, fast food lunch $15 Canada, lunch (restaurant), $30 Canada.
The noteworthy point is that the prices mentioned above are basically the base price and the provincial and federal taxes will be added to it. With these interpretations, the daily budget for a tourist trip to Canada will be at least 170 Canadian dollars per day.

The amount of $170 per day includes a 3-4 star hotel, lunch and dinner in a restaurant and a drink. Of course, you should also add the cost of using walking tours and visiting tourist centers that receive admission.

The best time to travel to Canada

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Canada is a country that experiences 4 distinct seasons which include the following.

Spring: March to May, Summer: June to August, Autumn: September to November, Winter: December to February

The best time to travel to Canada depends on your purpose for this trip. If you want to participate in winter games and play in the snow, you should choose the winter season. But if you want to enjoy the pleasant weather and go for a walk, the best season will be spring and summer. Summer and early fall are peak tourist times in Canada and prices are expected to be higher during this time, so if you’re looking to spend less, you can choose spring, fall, and winter. The academic year in Canada starts from September, so this month is the best option to travel to Canada because the cities of this country are mostly quiet.

One of the most popular activities in Canada is fishing. This country has a lot of water resources and you can see all kinds of deer. If you are interested in fishing, we suggest you the autumn season when the weather is very pleasant and the cities are quiet. direction


Canada is a fantastic country for recreation, spending time and even continuing education and living. To get more information about obtaining a Canadian visa, booking a Canadian flight and traveling to Canada, contact Fas Yekta experts.