Canada, the country that attracts the largest number of immigrants from all over the world these days, has special terms and conditions for obtaining a Canadian multiple visa, which if you intend to stay temporarily or permanently in this vast country, the Canadian multiple visa is the best. The option will be for you.

As you may have already heard, one of the stages of obtaining a Canadian multi-entry visa is fingerprinting, and since there is no Canadian embassy in Iran, this stage of obtaining a Canadian multi-entry visa is done through reliable brokers in countries such as Armenia and Turkey. to be

The best way to get a fingerprinting appointment online is through the official website of Canada or VFS Global, which will determine the fingerprinting time after completing the relevant forms and paying the fees. It should be noted that fingerprinting can only be done in person to obtain a Canadian multi-entry visa.

Canada multi visa and the difference between multiple and 5-year visa

Canada multi-entry visa is one of the types of visa that you can use to enter Canada and live and work there. This visa has its own characteristics, and if you plan to immigrate to Canada, you should familiarize yourself with its types before taking any action. In this article, we will talk more about Canada’s multiple visas.

Canada multi visa is under the category of temporary residence that you can use this visa for up to 5 years for 6 months every time you enter this country for the purpose of tourism, visiting family and relatives, short-term courses or seminars or even checking the living conditions for residence. Travel to this country regularly.

In fact, if a 6-month short-term training course is held in Canada, you can participate in this course with a Canadian multi-entry visa without the need for a study permit. Of course, with this visa, you cannot enroll in long-term courses, work, or benefit from Canadian citizenship rights and medical services.

The difference between the multi visa and Canadian tourist visa is that there is no need to extend the multi visa until the validity of the passport. In this way, you can travel to Canada without restrictions and visa extensions. This visa is valid for 10 years, but since the validity of Iranian passports is only 5 years, most Iranians know the multi-visa as a 5-year visa. With this visa, you are only allowed a temporary and limited stay in Canada and you do not have the rights of an American citizen.
• Tourist visa: There are two types of tourist visas: single and multi. With single or single entry visas, you are only allowed to travel to Canada once and after leaving Canada, you need to obtain a visa again for the next trip.
• Multiple visa: Currently, all tourist visas that the Canadian Immigration Department issues to tourists are called multiple visas, which you may also know as 5-year visas or multiple-entry visas.
• Multiple visa: According to the definition of multiple visa, it might be better to consider this visa as a subset of multiple visa. In fact, the multi visa is offered to two categories of multiple tourist visa applicants, which we explained more about in the following. Multi-entry visa is a subset of temporary Canadian visa. Although this visa is used as a 5-year visa, its validity expires one month before the end of the 5-year period


Extension of multiple Canada visa

First of all, keep in mind that the validity of your passport is valid up to 7 months before the end of the 5-year validity of Iranian passports, for visa extension. With a multiple visa, you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months, if you extend your visa, you can stay in Canada for up to 18 months. In this case, you can extend your visa up to 3 times while you are in Canada.

The documents you submit for visa extension are the same documents you submitted to the consulate when you applied for the visa. Since you were fingerprinted for your visa application, you can apply for a visa extension for up to 10 years without fingerprinting.

On the other hand, in the spring of 1991, the Canadian embassy in Iran was deactivated, as a result, Iranians whose fingerprints belong to before 1991 in Iran must go through the fingerprinting process again to renew their visas. But if you did it in VOK centers in neighboring countries, your fingerprint is valid for two years.
To renew a visa, you apply online, just like applying for a visa. At Iran-Canada Immigration Institute, after applying online and receiving a positive visa response, your passport will be picked up.

Who is eligible to obtain multiple Canada visa?

In short, you are eligible if you can convince the case officer.
You can do this by showing your need for consecutive trips to this country, or a valid invitation from a permanent resident or Canadian citizen. In addition to having other conditions, including perfect health, financial ability, motivation to return, no criminal record, and if you are one of the following two categories of people, you are eligible to obtain a multiple visa:
● Applicants who are traveling to Canada continuously (for reasons acceptable to the Canadian Consulate).
● Parents or grandparents who previously immigrated to this country through their child or grandchild.

Necessary documents for obtaining a multiple Canada visa

:The documents required for a long-term Canadian visa include several categories

Identification documents: Embassy forms and documents, birth certificate, passport, and several 3×4 photos, marriage certificate. In your passport, at least two Schengen visas must be registered in order to obtain a long-term or multiple visa. A Schengen visa is actually a good travel record for you, which shows that you will not be a refugee in Canada.

Work documents: payslip, employment letter, leave on the company letterhead, insurance list for employees or business license, advertisement of establishment, latest tax list, letter from the bank, etc. for employers, which must be translated and accompanied by an official seal. be

Documents related to accommodation: proof of hotel reservation and return ticket, travel insurance policy, hotel watcher or invitation.

Financial documents: a letter of financial ability (at least 100 million tomans) along with four months’ bank statements and a bank seal to show that you will have sufficient financial ability to enter Canada.

Canada multiple visa requirements

To get this visa, you have to convince the embassy officer that you have the conditions to get this visa. But what conditions?

First of all, you have to show that you have the financial means. If you are taking your companion or family members with you, you will also cover their expenses. Your financial support should be such that you can return to your country of origin.

You must also prove to the officer that you will leave Canada before the visa expires and its 6-month period expires. That is, bring convincing reasons to the officer to prove that you went to this country with a specific purpose and return to your country again, and the motive of your return should also convince him.

In the opinion of the embassy, you must be a law-abiding person with no criminal history and also not be a problem for the security of this country! Keep in mind that you should not intend to work in conflict with your received visa, unless you have been given permission for this activity. In addition, your mental and physical health is also considered a necessary condition to receive this visa. In general, this visa is more easily issued for parents whose children have permanent residence in this country or for people who travel to Canada continuously.

Misconceptions in obtaining a multiple Canada visa

:The following are wrong information that are usually provided to applicants and easily cause visa rejection

Misconception #1: An invitation from a friend or even a sibling is not valid and should be replaced with a business invitation.

Myth #2: Permanent residents cannot issue invitations.

Misconception #3: It is better to apply for a visa as a family.

Misconception No. 4: A fingerprint trip to Europe is more suitable for obtaining this visa.

Misconception No. 5: You can apply for this visa without traveling to one of the Schengen area countries and just having an invitation.

Misconception #6: The file must be sent online.

You should also remember the following:

Schengen visa without entry and exit is not effective in obtaining multiple Canada visa.

Schengen business visas do not count as part of your travel records.

Asian visas, except for Japan and Russia, do not have an effect on obtaining a multiple Canada visa.

Just having one or two Schengen visas, without an invitation, the chances of this visa are very low.

Students studying in Canada can only send invitations to their parents, and this is not possible for their siblings.

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