Canada is the second largest country in the world, which is located in North America. Canada leads from the east and west to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and from the north to the North Pole. Country of Canada has a long history and has been involved to war for many years so that it has been a colony of England and France for about 400 years and has gained independence since 1867. Canada shares a land border with the United States of America and Alaska ,Due to its proximity to the North Pole, Canada is covered with white snow in most of its areas, which makes Canada uninhabited in these region. Stay with us to continue this and get to know more about Canada.

Canada’s weather

Canada is located near the North Pole and is considered a cold country, for this reason, most of the cities of Canada and the population of Canada are concentrated in the southern part of this country and near the United States.
Some applicants for immigrating to Canada mistakenly think that all Canadian cities are cold, while the cities located in the southern part of Canada have almost a moderate climate, and most immigrants go to Canada with the intention of living in these cities.
It is good to know that Canada is one of the famous countries in the field of tourist reception due to its very pleasant climate, good rainfall throughout the year and beautiful nature.Therefor
It has been able to get a good rating.


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Canada’s political situation

Politically, Canada is a federal democratic country and a constitutional monarchy. It is interesting to know that Queen Elizabeth II

is also Canada’s Queen and laws in Canada become official with his approval. Therefore, in terms of the political structure, the Queen is at the head of the country and the federal government of Canada is placed at the lower level.
The Parliament of Canada is divided into two parts, the Senate and the House of Commons.
Canada consists of 10 provinces, each of that is governed by an independent government, and they are collectively under the supervision of the central government. Ottawa is a politically important city and actually the capital of Canada due to the establishment of the Canadian federal parliament and the governor general. The governor general of Canada is appointed by the Queen of England.

culture and people of Canada

Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world, that’s why racial and cultural diversity has gradually become part of the nature of its society. According to the indicators of Freedom House Institute;this country is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of social and religious freedoms and it is in the list of the best countries to live in.According to the statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, about 400 thousand Iranians will live in Canada in 2021, so living in Canada will not be difficult for Iranians.

Canada’s language

The official languages ​​of Canada are English and French. The cities of Quebec and Montreal both speak French, and the main reason for that is because Canada is a colony.

culture and religion of Canada

Since many people from all over the world immigrate to Canada every year, this country has become one of the multi-national countries, which has always made people of different religions in live together.However, Muslims of different ethnicities are more than one million people are living in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Windsor and Ottawa.

Canada for life

Canada is a developed country, one of the 10 economic powers in the world, and due to its high level of prosperity, it is one of the best countries for Life and one of the most popular immigration destinations.
Canada is located in the best countries in the world category because of life satisfaction, education in statistics (Health) and safety (Education) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


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Currency of Canada

The currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar, which is the seventh most common currency for exchange in the world.
Of course, Canadian citizens and economists also use the words Loonie and Buck as Canadian currency.
However, the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills are the common Canadian bills that are always used, and the one-cent nickels, nickels (5 yen), dimes (10 cents), quartz (25 cents) , 1 dollar loonie and 2 dollar tony) are the common coins ofCanada.

economy of Canada

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, and the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are considered important cities of this country. Canada is one of the 10 economic powers in the world in terms of gross product domestic (GPD). The Canadian currency (dollar) is one of the most common currencies in terms of volume exchanges are located in the world, agriculture, automotive industry, mining

Oil, gas, petrochemical and food industries are among the biggest fields of economy in this country.

Canada is one of the largest exporters in the world and one of the prominent countries in the field of aerospace, with a high percentage of its economic exchanges takes place whit America and European countries.
The good economic growth of the broad market and the existence of suitable opportunities have made Canada one of the best countries for work and investment.The Canadian dollar is close to the currency of the United States.


After the United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan and Germany, Canada has been able to rank sixth in the standard of living according to other countries of the world due to factors such as education, life expectancy, quality of life, etc.
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