cities of Canada have many attractions. Canada, with 5 regions, 10 states or provinces and 3 territories, is the second largest country in the world,and located in the north of the American continent and near the North Pole. It is interesting to know that the regions of Canada are the largest divisional unit of Canada and include states and territories. The most important state of Canada because of political and economic conditions is Ontario, which borders the United States, and cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, the capital of Canada, are also located in this province, and in fact, this state has the largest population in Canada. Now that we have provided you with information about one of the most important Canadian states, in this article, join us to introduce 5 scenic and touristic cities in Canada for you.

Toronto is one of the most populous cities in Canada

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada, Toronto is the fourth most populous city in North America after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles, and is considered one of the economic and tourism hubs in the world; This multi-national city is one of the important economic and commercial centers in the world in addition to its urban attractions, and with its impressive progress in recent years, it has become one of Canada’s tourist destinations and even for immigration. The name of Toronto comes from the Indian word “Tkaronto”.

The meaning of the place where the trees grow in the water ; Many residents of Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario are Iranian

who mainly live in Willow Dale and Richmond Hill.

Almost half of Toronto’s people were born outside of this city, but the five most populous races of this city are South Asians with 16%, Chinese with 11, blacks with 8% and Latinos with 3%; The coldest temperature in the history of this city dates back to 1981, when the temperature reached 32 degrees below zero, while taking into account the cold caused by the wind and burning, the temperature reached 45 degrees below zero; But in general, the average lowest temperature in this city is 4 degrees

below zero and the average highest temperature is 21 degrees above zero.




Quebec, a city with French-speaking people, is one of the most interesting cities in Canada

It is one of Canada’s provinces and its capital is Quebec City and its largest city is Montreal. Quebec is the only Canadian province with a majority French-speaking population, which is the only official language at the provincial level. This province is counted the second most populous province in Canada.
In Quebec, four very contrasting seasons replace each other, including a calm and gentle and short spring and a cold and colorful autumn, the more specific seasons are winter and summer; The summers are hot and often humid and the winters are cold and long and snowy as well as humid. The period of snow and cold is four months in the south and in Montreal and six months in Shemalel and Radisson. The amount of snowfall during this period in Quebec or Montreal is the same as Russia, Helsinki or even Oslo. Coastal and peninsular cities have enjoyable mild climate and pleasant ocean temperatures that create mild winters and cooler summers, and there are mountain towns with short days.

Montreal is one of the Canadian cities full of Iranian immigrants

It is the largest city in the province of Quebec in Canada and the second largest city in this country after Toronto and the 15th largest city in North America. Also, Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, and this city has a significant English-speaking population and various immigrants. ; Geographically, Montreal is located in the east of Canada, in the southwest of the province of Quebec.
has access to international seas.

The city of Montreal is a city with a collection of different cultures. Montreal is one of the main centers of Iranian immigrants in Canada; Montreal has a humid continental climate with generally hot and humid in summers and freezing days in winter and this causes rain in the months January and February and more in the first or second week of December,most of places are covered with snow that continue until the last week of March it is also good and mild in spring and autumn, but there is a possibility of changes.

Vancouver is a port and coastal city in Canada

Vancouver is a port and coastal city in the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. This city has a population of more than 603,000 people in the 2011 census, making it the eighth largest city in Canada. With more than 2.3 million people, Vancouver is the third most populous urban area in the country and is the most populous urban area in Western Canada.
The city of Vancouver, Canada is one of the most diverse cities in terms of ethnic and linguistic diversity in Canada, 52% of the population of this city does not speak English as their first language.

Saskatoon, a city with a cold climate, is one of the most spectacular cities in Canada

The city of Saskatoon is a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada, located on the South Saskatchewan River. The residents of this city are called Saskatoon. This city has a cold climate, so that the temperature in the cold season can reach minus 25 degrees.

The city of Saskatoon is the most populous city in the state of Saskatchewan, with a population of 222,189 in the 2011 census, and an urban area of ​​260,600 in the 2011 census. The city of Saskatoon, Canada is divided into two parts, East and West, by the Saskatchewan River.

Our suggestion to see the tourist’s cities of Canada

Each of Canada’s cities has many attractions that are worth to see and millions of people travell to this cities to visit or immigration and sightseeing every year.
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