Travel to France – France is a beautiful and spectacular country in the continent of Europe, which receives the largest number of travelers and tourists in this continent every year, and is also one of the main travel destinations of Iranians. As you may have heard, the capital of France is the city of Paris, which is also known as the bride of the world’s cities. Stay with us to get to know more about France, its tourist attractions and travel conditions to France.

French Embassy working(office) hours and holidays

The French Embassy in Tehran is open every week from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 to 20:00.

Official holidays of the French Embassy: December 25th, the birth of Christ), January 1st, the beginning of the new year, May 30th, the Ascension of Christ), August 15th, the Ascension of Mary, and November 11th (the armistice of the First World War, in addition to the official holidays according to the country’s calendar, such as Tasso’a Ashura day The nationalization of the oil industry is a holiday. The exact dates of the holidays of the French Embassy in Iran are according to the solar and Gregorian calendars has been specified on the embassy’s website.

Conditions for traveling to France and obtaining a French visa

At the beginning, we must say that traveling to France needs obtaining a Schengen visa, which will be done through the VFS(Visa Facilitation Services) Global agency; This agent will help you to set the time of the French embassy and finally you can get the French tourist visa. You may be a bit hesitant due to the high costs of traveling to France, but we must say that traveling to this country may figure out the best experience of your trip to the European continent.You can be Relationship with Fars Yekta experts about obtaining Schengen visa and travelling to France.

Usually, the Schengen visa for France is equivalent to your trip and less
from one month and if the visa is multiple entry or m…



The cost of traveling to France

In this section, we have divided the costs of traveling to France into 4 general categories: accommodation costs, food costs, transportation costs, and travel and entertainment costs, which we will discuss in future.

  •  Cost of stay in France

The cost of staying in France can be divided into several general modes depending on your travel budget. If you are looking for 3- star to 5- star hotels, you should consider the cost of 150 euros to over 1000 euros per night in a city like Paris. Also, if you are looking for a lower cost of staying in France, we suggest budget hotels that cost around 65 euros per night. If you still want to pay less for your stay in France, we suggest hostels that cost around 30 to 70 euros per night in…

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  • The cost of food in France

The food in France, which is somehow mixed with the culture of this country, is one of the things that attracts every tourist. From baguettes with local cheeses to pot- au- feu beef, you will have a delicious experience of traveling to France. The cost of food and beverages in France and a city like Paris is average, for example, coffee is 3 euros, mineral water is 1.5 euros. A sandwich is available for 6 euros, McDonald’s is 10 euros, restaurants cost about 15 to 40 euros. If you have reserved a well- equipped house in Paris, you can eat your meals with a budget of about 75 euros per week.

  • Transport costs in France

Public transportation is plentiful in France, so you can easily get around a city like Paris by train, bus, subway, and tram. It is worth noting that taxis in France are expensive and the entrance fee is about 3 euros and you have to pay about 2 euros for each kilometer traveled. Save a lot on shipping.

It is interesting to know that the cost of air travel with French airlines to cities such as Marseille and Nice is about 50 euros, and if you want to save on this cost, you can pay about 25 euros for intercity buses of fixbus bus companies. use


هزینه حمل و نقل در فرانسه


  • The cost of recreation and travel in France

Note that the cost of visiting the inside of the Eiffel Tower will be around 25 euros, the cost of visiting the Palace of Versailles will be around 30 euros, the cost of visiting the fascinating Louvre museum will be 20 euros, and the cost of one-day tours will be around 100 euros.


The best time to travel to France

First of all, you should know that the peak season or the busiest season of tourist trips to France is summer and many tourists travel to this country in this season because of the pleasant weather (17 to 25 degrees). Of course, for this reason, the prices are high in this country and the cost of traveling to France will be heavy. Our suggestion for traveling to France is the months of April, May, September, and October, because the weather is still warm and pleasant in these months, and you will pay less for your trip to France.

Like many tourists, you may also like traveling during Christmas and the colder weather, we must remember that traveling to France in the winter season and in the period from November to February is not without pleasure and the French winter, especially The city of Paris has its own charms in the temperature range of -2 to +9 degrees.